Down With the Shine

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(G)Down with the shine, the (Am)perfect shine
That (C)poisons the well and (D7)ruins my mind
I get (G)took for a ride (Am)every time
(C)Down with the (D7)glistening (G)shine

It's (G)in with the new, and (Am)out with the old
(C)Out goes the warm and (D7)in comes the cold
It's the (G)most predictable (Am)story told
(C)In with the young, (D7)out with the old(G)

A bellyful of high-dollar wine
A fat hand, a fat wallet too
Things change and get strange with the movement of time
It's happening right now to you

It's a (D)real bad (D7)time to bring up the (G)truth
Though we (D)searched, we (D7)found no fountain of (G)youth
Not in (B7)Spain, nowhere (Em)near
Any(B7)where close to (C)here(D7)

Nothing's good, because nothing lasts
And all that comes here, comes here to pass
I would voice my pain, but the change wouldn't last
All that comes, it comes here to pass

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