Find My Love

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Capo 1

(C)What makes it easy to (G)treat people bad?
(Am)Some things you say and you (C)can't take 'em back
(F)What makes it easy to (C)run from the past,
like a (G)child runs from the dark?
Which is the poison and which is the wine?
The scent and the colors are so much alike
And how much of each will it take to decide,
when your at the table alone?
Where do you go when it's perfectly clear?
You might find your way but you won't find it here
What makes it easy to sound so sincere,
when you know that you don't care?
(C)Love (Am)gets (F)lost
(C)Love (Am)gets (F)lost
(C)Find (Am)my (Em)love
(C)Find (Am)my (Em)love (F) (G)

How can you tell when goodbye means goodbye
Not just for now, for the rest of you life
How can you stand there with love in you eyes
And still be walking away
Love gets lost
Love gets lost
Find my love
Find my love
Find my love
Find my love

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