I Can't Remember

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Capo 4

(C)I can't remember (G)anything I (C)said
(C)Not from the (Am)time of the (G)rain
To the (F)end of the (G)game
Did I (C)tell my secrets that (G)nobody (C)knows?
Or did I (Am)cry like a (G)boy who's (F)lost his (G)girl?

I don't remember anything I've done
Not since the night I was born
To the end of this morning
My lifetime was blurry like some kind of dream
One that I didn't have, but maybe I did

Don't be (C)sad, don't be (G)sad
It (F)can't be that (G)bad
Don't be (C)sad, don't be (G)sad
(F)We've all (G)had harder (F)times

I can't remember anything I said
Not to the girl on the phone
Or the girl on the road
Or the girl in my headache covered in lace
Or to the girl in the frame with glass on her face

Don't be sad, don't be sad
It can't be that bad
Don't be sad, don't be sad
We've all had harder times

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