I Don't Care Sincerely

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(Bb)Don't write me (F)back
(Bb)Don't write me (F)back
(Bb)I can't re(F)act the way you (C)want
(Bb)Don't call my (F)phone
(Bb)I'm not at (F)home
(Bb)Your voice is just a (F)static moan to (C)me
And it's (C)on and (F)on
(C)I go (F)alone
(Bb)You say it's (F)wrong to be in (C)love

The end's plain to see
So I left your keys
Taped to your door with a note
It said,"If you
have something to
say to me you better say it soon, sincerely.
You know it's me."
What will you do without my love?
I am in a place that feels so natural and wrong

Don't call my name
No don't call my name
You make it sound as if it hurts
And keep all your words
Theres three that I heard
Whether or not you said 'em out loud
They were "I don't care"
So there
Good luck with the rest of your life

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