Let Myself Live

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(G)The night just got darker, and the moon fell out of sight
(D)god's helpful stars are (G)drained of all their light
(G)a good friend of mine, who fell on hard times
(D)thinks he sheds his pain on me, if he (G)shares with me mine
(Em)I'll never (D)dream of you, a (G)lonely (C)man
(Em)I used to (D)grab at truth with those same (C)strong (G)hands
(Em)then when I got sick (D)through the (G)thin and the (C)thick
(Em)I’ll turn my back and (D)let (C)myself (G)live

Well the nights only get longer, before your sun will shine
leave the clock alone my brother your enemy is time
remember what the ramblin man said, on his way back home
don't hang your head much longer there's more pretty girls than one

I'll never dream of you, a lonely man
I used to grab at truth with those same strong hands,
then when I got sick through the thin and the thick
I’ll turn my back and I let myself live

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