Mama and the Future

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(C)Mama, (D)will you still (G)call me your (C)son
(C)When I am (D)broken and too (G)tired to (C)run
(D)Through a (G)life that (D)knows no (G)direction
(G)Down a (A)path I (C)built with my (D)dreams

Mama, can you hear my voice in the wind
Well I called for you like I did when I was ten
Frozen by the copperheads that crowd at my feet
Now the snakes are big city streets

Well (C)I am (G)alone
(D)Singing to (C)myself
(D)Hoping no one (Bm)else
(G)Remembers that I (C)failed
Made (D)nothing of (Bm)myself
Oh (C)mama, (D)will you (C)care? (D) (G)

Mama, I can see you're scared for you son
You can see me burning out when I am done
Reaching high up on my toes
For dreams that won't come true but that's how it goes

And I know I am alone
Singing to myself
Hoping no one else
Remembers that I failed
Made nothing of myself
Oh mama, will you care?

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