Pretty Girl from Feltre

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(C)Sus(F)anna(C) (F)Italia(C)nia (F)what do you (C)want to (G)do
(C)I (F)thought (C)I had (F)figured it (C)out
But (F)that was (C)before you(G)
(Am)Walking a (G)mile into (C)town
(Am)Hoping to (G)see you (C)around
(Am)Hoping your (G)man is (F)nowhere to be found
and (Am)hoping we'll (G)go to your (C)room
and (Am)hoping we'll (G)go to your (C)room

Quietly act like you love me until I leave Feltre
And when you learn of my return
Watch what the townspeople say
Riding in your cargo van
Driving your mom's cargo van
If you only knew how charming it was
The lure of your folks cargo van
The lure of your folks cargo van

Go tell Max
Be clear with the facts
Leave me a letter there
I still have the one from before
From when I turned twenty four

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