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(G)Ok so I was wrong about
(Am)My reasons for us falling out
(D)Of love I want to fall back (G)in

(G)My life is different now I swear
(Am)I know now what it means to care
(D)about somebody other than (G)myself

I know the things I said to you
they were untender and untrue
I'd like to see those things undo

So if you could find it in your heart
to give a man a second start
I promise things wont end the same

boatloads of (C)shame
day after (Am)day
more of the (D)same
please lift it (C)off
please take it (Am)off
please make it (D)stop

Ok so I have read the mail
The stories people often tell
About us that we never knew

But their existence will float away
Just like every word they say
And we will hold hands as they fade


(C)I was so sure of everything(Bm)
My love for you so well received(Em)
And I just strutted ‘round your town(A)
Knowing I didn’t let you down(C)
The truth be known the truth be told(Bm)
My heart was always fairly cold(Em)
Posing to be as warm as yours(A)
My way of getting in your world(C)
But now I’m out and I’ve had time(Bm)
To look around and think and
(Am)See into another world that’s (D)filled with guilt and overwhelming (G)shame


And everyone they have a heart
And then they break and fall apart
Beneath somebody’s helping hand

I used to say just let ‘em fall
It wouldn’t bother me at all
I couldn’t help then now I can

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