Some Bad Dream

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You walk(G) just like a girl that I (Bm)knew (C) (D7)
(C)Same (D7)blue (G)dress
(C)Same (D7)sweet (G)mess of a (Em)girl that I'm (Am)sure you (D7)are

You were the (G)last to (Em)arrive
The (Am)last one (D7)alive
The (G)last in my (Em)car when I'm (Am)too drunk to (D7)drive
The (G)first on my (Em)list of (Am)things I should (D7)keep
The (G)last one (Em)around when I'm (Am)falling (D7)asleep

You laugh just like a girl that I knew
Same sweet sound
Same sweet feet on the ground that I'm walking by
I am suprised by the way that this makes me feel
Suprised by the kings in the spokes of my wheels
I wouldn't slow down if I thought you could see
The last thing I need is to be stuck out here
I am the last on your mind when you start to cry
The last one to tell you I'm too young to die
The last one to downplay my love for a girl
The last in the paper for saving the world

You are just what I want you to be
Some bad dream
Jarred me out of a sleep that I don't really need
You were the last to arrive
The last one alive
The last in my car when I'm too drunk to drive
The first on my list of things I should keep
The last one around when I'm falling asleep

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