Tales of Coming News

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(G)I'm so tired of hearing (C)tales of coming news (G)
(Em)Telling tales of a (C) changing sky (G)
It's just a shame(C) I didn't notice you(G)
(Em)Till someone I (C) loved had to die (G)
What made us think that (C)this was so different(G)
(Em)Who is driving (C)behind those things you say(G)
Why do you insult (C)me and my friends (G)
(Em)Who are my (C) friends anyway (G)
I've spent my life (C)lying now I pay the price (G)
(Em)Are these really words of a (C)young man or a (G)worthless human life
I don't mean to scare (C) you with the things I say (G)
(Em) I take it back, yes (C) it's a beautiful day(G)
I watched you from the beach (C)when your ship sailed (G)
(Em)You made it clear (C) that nothing stays the same(G)
It's getting darker I (C)wonder if you can tell (G)
(Em)I wonder when did (C)all that change? (G)

You never used to let me go unfed
I was so distracted I never saw the rain
You promised you meant every word you said
I wonder when all that changed
It hurts so bad to hear such pretty words coming from somebody like you
I've been looking for so long that I've lost touch
With what's the best something to do
I've got a friend who makes good choices
Everybody likes the way that he sees things
I've got a problem and it walks me daily
Can't you see no one is proud of me
It's a long road alone and I'm not proving
Anything going by myself
When your love life is on and really moving
Oh sugar girl I really appreciate the help

I had my time with money gold and diamonds
Both went sour before they got to me
I'll be waiting girl but don't be counting hours
I'm not waiting for any of the three
I was just a peasant from the highlands
She said don't you call me your mountain girl
I said don't bother me I'm trying to write and
don't worry you ain't my mountain girl
I can call you but I'd probably make you cry
These days it's what you often times do
Call the preacher then go call your father
Tell them that the wedding plans have moved
I send a message saying I'll be gone forever
The letter of reply never came
She said that she'd be true but I wouldn't let her
I wonder when all that changed

Hell has no fury like a woman
Happy scorned or otherwise
You can do what you want to with your name
But you can bet I'm changing mine
Well I'd give a $100 to get a letter
If at the bottom it said I miss you bad
See but the truth of the matter is that back home no one really misses me
See how I talk when I'm sad
Since I was young I've known a lot of women...

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