Wanted Man

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(F)Bullet in my shoulder, Blood running down my vest
(F)Twenty in my posse and they're (barre G7)never gonna let me (C)rest
(F)Til I became a (Bb)wanted man well i (F)never even owned a (C)gun
(Dm)Now they on me like a (G or G7)mountain cat and I'm (C or C7)always on the (F)run

Well (F)I killed poor jed (Bb)brice in a (C)balerado (F)fight
I killed him with my (Bb)bare hands for a (C)girl i loved that (F)night
Jed's (Bb)brother's out to (F)get me and he's (Bb)comin with his (F)gang
and id (Bb)rather shoot it (F)out by god than (Bb)let them (C)watch me (F)hang

She (F)spangles on her (Bb)wedding dress she had (C)laughter in her (F)voice
And when they tried to put their (Bb)hands on her my (C)heart left me no (F)choice
Now (Bb)was it really (F)worth it? I (Bb)guess I'll never (F)know
She'll be (Bb)drinkin someone (F)else's rye when (Bb)i'm six (C)feet be(F)low

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